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Forks in the path...

Why is my first schmoop bingo fic already over 12k while my Big Bang is sitting at about 3k???

As for less shocking news, Kate Nash is awesome, and I will be posting schmoop-bingo-Merlin-fic-soundtrack soon. It will be full of cake and awesome, but most importantly Josh Ritter and two songs with the word fuck in the title.



I'm working on my first schmoop-bingo square... instead of my big bang. And, in fact, the schmoop-bingo prompts only require 500 words and my word count for the prompt has already surpassed the word count for my big bang in spite of the fact that I started writing for the prompt yesterday. Something is very wrong with me.

But the happy news is that I think I'll be posting it soon as long as I keep up this pace. lol. It should be around 10 to 15k words. Hopefully you ship Merlin/Arthur. (What? I'm actually writing for multiple fandoms? Something is very wrong.)

The unhappy news, and also happy news, is that I will be going to Florida next week, and I will probably be very distracted from my big bang. If I have any people out there who randomly lurk on my journal (and I suspect not,) you should totally let me know because I need a big bang cheerleader like woah.

I will give you things like... songs or art or the love in my heart.

fanfiction is dangerous business

Somehow when I'm supposed to be writing, I always ending reading instead. Anyway, for some reason I chose to read different fandoms than my usual SPN - I tend to be a one fandom at a time kind of person for the most part. But I found a new rec community, and now I can add yet more to my 'to read' list, which admittedly already includes at least 40 J2 fics dating back to last year's Big Bang. I know...

I surprised myself today by reading - wait for it - het. The only time I can handle het is when the female characters are characters I already admire in canon. So I could totally do Bones/Booth, and I can also definitely handle Veronica Mars. Which is why I'm saying that I really enjoyed this Veronica Mars/James Bond crossover, and I would totally recommend it.

Also, this Snarry fic was amazing. Basically, a spell to wake Snape out of a coma post-Voldemort-final-battle-stuff unintentionally brings back 17-year-old Snape, and then the magic happens of course. I don't read Harry Potter fic that often anymore, although it was my first fandom, and I have to say I'm mostly a Harry/Snape shipper these days though I do still like Harry/Draco. But does anyone else find it strange that Snarry seems so popular? How did that pairing become one of the most written pairings in Harry Potter fanfiction (or am I just crazy and run in weird circles?)

Oh Lord

I have until December to finish this Schmoop Bingo Card. That's enough time, right? Right?

Bingo CardCollapse )

Big Bang

Is it just me, or is the SPN Big Bang kind of eh this year? I haven't found too many that I actually want to read after browsing the summaries. Has anyone read some that they really enjoy?


There's something wrong when you're afraid of your own livejournal.

Anyway - I'm back. Not that I was ever really gone, just sinking into lurkdom. But now it's time for new things.


So... I've written about 150 words since I got to Spain. Yeah - massive fail.

I think part of it is that it's also hard to stay active in the community, and thus feel as though fic is an integral part of my life. I've been rereading some of my old favorites in other fandoms (which I'm sure also doesn't help), but for the most part since I don't have the internet at my homestay, it's difficult to feel connected.

Anyway, this update is just to let everyone know that I'm still alive, yes, and not planning to give up. You could call this a hiatus if you want, but it's nothing so formal as that for me. Just inspiration shifting for a bit, as it tends to do from time to time.

Hola amigos.

OMG. I arrived in Spain on Sunday and things have been so crazy since.ç

I´ve barely even had time to write much less inclination. Not to mention, the house I´m living in doesn´t have internet access, so I have to go elsewhere to even check my livejournal. I´m missing so many fics, and it´s making me sad.

Anyway, what I want to say is: anyone who is reading my stories and waiting for the next part, I do plan more, but I am not sure when I will be able to write a post it. Definitely not as often as in the states, since not only do I have limited internet access, but this is a very trying experience.

Either way, this is not a hiatus, just a warning that it may take a while before I update next.

:) Hasta luego!

Oh the wonders of the interweb

I don't know how I feel about trapping moles, but this blurb cracks me the fuck up: http://community.livejournal.com/wtf_nature/380214.html.

Just thought I'd share.

Three days until Spain...

Title: Meet the Padaleckis
Author: fingerhold
Rating: NC17
Pairing: J2
Word Count: 3,591
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Jensen and Jared are just your average middle-class family – two kids, two dogs, a house in a nice suburban neighborhood… except for the fact that their everyday life is a reality show.
A/N: This is not mpreg, for anyone who was worried. Also, it's not a real story, just a bunch of glimpses into a lifestyle - so far it has no real plot... I just enjoyed writing it last night. Moral of the story: I watch too much John and Kate Plus 8. If you see any mistakes in tense or spelling or otherwise, let me know.

Meet the PadaleckisCollapse )